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So if you’re reading this and have no idea what TIU is here’s a quick review: TIU (ToneItUp.com) is a website run by Karena & Katrina. They post workout videos and recipes and every year they host a Bikini Series which is a 8-week motivation contest just in time for summer. –It starts Monday and it’s free to sign up.

Anyway, I ordered a Beach Beauty Bundle which was one of the Members Only bundle last Thursday night and didn’t receive my Journal when I opened my package earlier today. So since I can design almost anything I designed myself a journal for the week.

Now I’ve been emailing everyone this temporary journal but I feel it might be easier to share a link. So here it is!

I may/may not make a week 2 if my journal still isn’t here yet.

Feel free to send this link to other girls who are still waiting for their journals to come. Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for semi-copying Karena & Katrina’s but I had to make do. I also made this to fit my own planner which is a around the same size as a mini binder you can buy and just hole punch. :)

I also made this super quick so if there’s a mistake I’m sorry in advance.

*Tip: Print the pages Double Sided.

I hope everyone gets their bundles soon!


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Leave a comment below and let me know if you download this please. :)

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  • hannah
    April 23, 2015

    Love it! Thank you so much.

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