Photoshop Tutorial: How to Place an Image Inside Text


One of my favorite Photoshop text effects is adding an image or texture inside text. It’s easy and quick way to add an effect to quotes or titles.

Open a photo to place inside your text. I’m using a water colour image.

 photo tutorial1.jpg

Duplicate the background layer named ‘background’.
The keyboard shortcut to do this is selecting the layer and using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J.
The new layer will automatically be called ‘Layer 1′.

 photo tutorial2.jpg

Add a new blank layer in between the layers you already have.
The keyboard shortcut to do this is Shift+Ctrl+N
The new layer will automatically be called ‘Layer 2′.

 photo tutorial3.jpg

Fill the new layer with white selecting the paint bucket tool. (pink arrow).
If the fill layer isn’t white you can change the color by double clicking the color swatch and changing the color (purple arrow).
Note: You can change this color once you’re done if you wish.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 4.58.02 PM.png

We will now add the text.
Select ‘Layer 1′ in the layers palette. (This will ensure the new text will be seen when you type it).
Then select the Type tool.

 photo tutorial6.jpg

Select your font and type the text inside your document. (Make sure you place your text where you wish to see the image show through).

 photo tutorial1.jpg

Drag the text layer and place it under ‘Layer 1′ but above ‘Layer 2′. (The text will disappear for a bit)
Then select ‘Layer 1′ again.

 photo tutorial8.jpg

 photo tutorial9.jpg

 photo tutorial10.jpg

We will now create a clipping mask.
With “Layer 1″ still selected, go up to the Layer menu at the top of the screen and choose Create Clipping Mask.

 photo tutorial11.jpg

This will make your image show through your text.

 photo tutorial1.jpg

And you’re done!

If you tried this tutorial please let me know in the comments and any other tutorials you wish to see for future posts.




DISCLAIMER: The images used in this tutorial are copyrighted © to Gabriela Elena. The use of the images without permission is not allowed in any way.

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