Life of a Night Owl

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fox3It’s 1 AM and as usual I’m still on my laptop going over my to-do list, editing, and straightening up my office. As much as I love sleep, I work best when it’s quiet and I don’t get distracted. And I definitely needed to catch up on work tonight.I’m not sure if it’s the time-change but I feel that I haven’t  had enough hours in the past few days. Like one minute I look at the clock and it’s 10 PM and the next thing I know it’s past midnight.
Anyway, as I was trying to straighten up and clean my office (key word trying) I came across a few of my sketchbooks. And before you ask, yes I have more than one. (They’re all for different categories if you must know) But I realized that I haven’t sat down and drawn anything in a while. Sure I scribble a few notes down but not actually drawn a doodle. So in the spur of the moment I quickly sketched this little fox and I made a mental note that I need to draw more. Which got me thinking that I have a few other things I should be doing on a day to day basis. So I made a quick list of 5 things I should try to do more of.

1. Sketch More / Draw More
2. Drink More Water
3. Go to Yoga class once a week
4. Read at least 1 Book a month
5. Take more Photos

What’s your list of 5 things to do more of? Leave a comment with your list below. :)


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