DIY: Coconut Lime Brown Sugar Scrub

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These last couple of summer days have really put a toll on my skin. It wasn’t until I was making dinner one night that I quickly came up with a solution using three ingredients I found in my pantry. This sugar scrub is also a great moisturizer and an excellent way to buff knees, elbows, and ankles.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1 zested lime
  • 1 tbs. (about 2 teaspoons) of coconut oil

In a small bowl mix the zest of the lime and the coconut oil together. If the coconut oil is too thick to mix easily put it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Make sure the mixture is completely cool then slowly start adding the sugar by spoonfuls mixing each time. Put the result in a small container and voilà. Instant scrub!




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