Airplane Carry-On Essentials

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ACOEAside from important documents such as passports and boarding passes, there are always a few airplane essentials I like to carry with me on the airplane when traveling. I’m going on vacation in about 10 days and thought it would be fun to put travel lists together. Any suggestions for my next travel post is always welcomed.

  1. Travel Wallet(s): There are various travel wallets and this can take various meanings for anyone. It can either be a wallet where you can place all your travel documents in such as boarding passes, passports, and money or a wallet you would rather take on vacation. I normally take two wallets (if you even call them that) They are a credit card wallet and a simple coin purse. Since they’re smaller than my usual wallet I use they’re great to travel with. I also place higher bills in the credit card wallet and smaller change in the coin purse.
  2. Tote Bag/Backpack: I normally double my beach bag with my carry on bag. But sometimes it is easier to carry a backpack instead. Again it’s a preference to what works for you. Just make sure this bag zips up so smaller items don’t slip out if you have to place the bag in the overhead compartment on the airplane.
  3. Camera: Smile and take photos of everything.
  4. iPad/E-Reader/Laptop: Add a few e-books, music playlists, and movies to keep you entertained.
  5. Book/Magazine: Normally I take a physical book with me apart from my iPad and maybe pick up a magazine at the airport but if you don’t wish to carry these items, don’t. They’ll just take up space.
  6. Headphones: Don’t forget these. Just because you really want to watch reruns, doesn’t mean your neighbors want to hear it.
  7. Chargers for electronics: Put these in your carry on in case you need to charge any electronic device during a lay over or before boarding the plane.
  8. Light Jacket/Sweater/Scarf: Take a light jacket with you in case the air plane is freezing. You can also include a scarf if you wish. *Tip: Wrap your scarf around your camera to keep it from getting damaged during travel. Just be careful when taking out items.
  9. Small Notebook/Pen: If this can fit in your purse take this with you everywhere. It can also double for jotting down directions, addresses, or other important information.
  10. Empty Refillable Water Bottle: Once you pass TSA you can fill your water bottle. Also once you get to your destination you can buy a gallon of water to keep in your hotel room and refill your bottle to have each day.
  11. Snacks: The day of food on the airplane is pretty much gone and sometimes flights can seem to drag on forever especially if you’re hungry. Pack a few snacks such as almonds, protein bars, and dried fruit so you can snack on the go.
  12. Gum: Your ears will thank you if you chew gum because it helps relieve some of the air pressure.
  13. Hair Brush: In case your hair gets tangled or becomes a bed head mess.
  14. Small Make up Bag: Add the essentials to this bag: face wipes, bath wipes, lip balm, lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, eyeliner, mascara. (make sure they’re all travel friendly sizes)
  15. 1 Change of Clothes (optional): In case your flight is over night, you’re traveling to a drastic changeling climate compared to where you live, or in the unfortunate event your luggage is lost.. If you have room add a t-shirt, dress, or change of clothes and include it to your carry-on bag.


What are your airplane carry-on essentials?

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